Google Summer of Code - fancy exploring algorithmic patterns via Haskell?

I’ve enjoyed mentoring students as part of the “Google Summer of Code” the past two years, on projects connected with TidalCycles, namely Elizabeth Wilson (@lwlsn) working on AI music generation via code and Martin Gius working on packaging and a GUI.

This year I wanted to try something different, and have put forward quite an open project idea about algorithmic patterns. I’m again doing this via the Haskell organisation, so proposals should involve Haskell in some way, which is a rather interesting functional programming language. You don’t need to know Haskell, but should be prepared to pick some up. It doesn’t have to involve TidalCycles (a music live coding system I made in Haskell), but could do, if it fits with what you want to do.

The Google Summer of Code has also opened up this year, to anyone interested in starting to contribute to open source projects, not just students.

This is a paid opportunity, with a time commitment of 175-300 hours, depending on the size of your project. It’s a competitive process, with the deadline for proposals is 19th April (6pm UTC). For more details, see the Google Summer of Code and Summer of Haskell websites. Feel free to send draft proposals etc by me.



In case it isn’t clear in the above - I’m especially interested in proposals that don’t look like normal open source projects! If you don’t think you fit the mould of ‘open source developer’ but are interested in working on something like this, I’d be especially happy to hear from you.

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The idea it’s great and it matches a lot with my bachelor thesis idea. I’m so grateful I found about this project. I just applied with my proposal yesterday ( Heritage Algorithms - Standing on the shoulders of giants)