Open call: digital gardens residency

Here’s an algorithmic pattern-related arts residency open call:

This open call is for artists who are interested in using technology, coding, computational processes, or algorithmic patterns to create sonic and/or visual works. It may be suitable for someone already working with computation, or for someone whose practice could benefit from exploring the use of computation. There is no expectation that the candidate knows how to code, and the proposed work does not have to follow any traditional approaches to creative computing.

For more info see this website, and the PDF brief linked from there:

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i’d love to apply for this, but i’m not sure how to figure out the “right to work in the uk” criteria. any pointers for international artists to look into visa requirements? :slight_smile:

Hi @emenel, I think it’s best to email Ryoko about this. They might also have limited funds for travel from overseas, so perhaps worth asking about that at the same time.

thanks @yaxu – i should have probably thought of that before replying :slight_smile: