Open calls

A thread for open calls for e.g. residencies, publications, conferences and other events related to algorithmic patterns.


Experimental Weaving Residency call for entries - deadline 15 Sept 2021

The Unstable Design Lab is hosting its second experimental weaving residency with the goal of developing new techniques and open-source resources that can co-evolve fiber arts and engineering practice. The chosen resident will work with the Unstable Design Lab, as well as researchers from the University of Colorado, to create a series of samples inspired by challenges currently faced by engineering researchers. For example, shape weaving techniques for creating form-fitting and/or compression garments for counter-pressure spacesuits, integration of power harvesting diodes, compostable or easily reusable textile structures for zero-waste manufacturing, or structures that dynamically fold and unfold to support mechanical structures or soft robotics (to name a few, but not all, possible spaces for experimentation). Applicants should be open-minded, curious, and above all deeply knowledgeable about woven structures and their behaviors. No knowledge of computer science, electronics, or engineering is required for participation.

An excellent PhD opportunity:

Creative Collaborations with Machines

Deadline: 15/09/2021

Are you interested in how we can collaborate creatively with, against and alongside intelligent machines? Are you a dedicated maker and designer? Would you like to study how machine learning can be used in creative design processes? If so, then apply for this PhD position at Eindhoven University of Technology and join the CREATIVE AI MACHINES project.

I am writing to invite you to a new community called Knit&Perl, a gathering for those interested in the intersection of stitchcraft and programming. Stitchcraft includes needlecraft, textiles, et cetera. Someone suggested you might be want to join us. Email me if you’d like to join just my username markcmarino over at gmail.


Just have to recommend this lovely discord!