Pattern creation classes

Continuing from the starter class last year, planning on running some more pay-as-you-feel classes in pattern generation.

I’d like to take you all through ancient methods of pattern creation, from the basic Roman methods into the more refined Islamic art methods - and if there’s interest some more from natural sources, origami etc.

Please let me know if there’s interest - also get in touch if you will struggle to work at the speed of others for any reason and we will go through things beforehand so you can have a headstart.


I’m definitely up for this and I am sure we can drum up some interest. When would you like to (re)start and is there a maximum number of participants?

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Sounds super interesting!
What medium are you using for this? Some programming language or analogue tools?

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There are digital methods to create the patterns we’ll be working on, but I try and always learn the original methods first. The algorithm in the case of these refers to the ritual of creation, a set of movements that when replicated create similar results by following the method.

The Romans used something like this -

The Mamluks (Medieval Egypt) used something like this -

We will be using any compass you can find, and folding pieces of paper! Any paper is fine, too.

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I’m looking good to start anytime in February or March that suits.

I think it would be really good to keep a small class size so I can actually help if anyone requires it - but I also don’t mind running several classes if the demand is there.

Definitely interested.

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Sadly have not been able to participate on this forum lately, but am definitely interested to join your session again :).


I’m fine with daytime but maybe early week evenings UK time is better for people in Europe at least? I’m generally flexible from the 22nd February onwards and happy to pay-as-I-feel a bit more as this will likely feed into my ‘day job’.

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Thanks Alex! I think it would be really nice to do 4 - 6 two hour sessions so we can cover all methods with enough time and detail.

Rough timings would be 6pm-8pm GMT (1300-1500 EST) but this can be changed, or I can run several sessions across timezones if it will suit people in other places.

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Excellent Timo, glad you think its worth the time!