Seminars on Ethnomathematics

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Happy New Year first of all. I just came across a seminar taking place at EHESS in Paris that might be of interest for the present group: It is in French, unfortunately for those not reading French, but totally interesting otherwise.

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Wow, this seminar is really relevant for what’s happening here - cat’s cradle, music and weaving… Several sessions will be dedicated to the relation between military culture and math ; also interesting, the topic of “practical geometry” in frieze design throughout the world (highlighting Celtic culture).

If I’m not mistaken, this is the continuation of a similar seminar from last year, perhaps even before then. I happen to be a PhD student at EHESS. I’m not following the seminar, but happy to help anyone interested to dig into this.

Yes this looks very relevant! Sadly I don’t speak (or hear) French, cursing my life choices now.

I see that several of the seminars have happened already, but the remaining ones can be joined in person as well as online.