Shape morphology

Shifting from lurking to contributing some of the resources that I’ve enjoyed, like George Stiny’s Shape. I used to be able to get the whole book online but this time I was only able to find the first chapter:

I think it has some really nice ways of thinking about relational grammars in generative shape making, sort of like Constructive Solid Geometry, but with a bit more attention to lines and simple forms.


Hi @devendorf, thanks for the reference. I found the book and haven’t had a proper read yet but from a skim it looks really excellent.

I thought the topic deserved it’s own thread, not sure about the current title (shape morphology) though and there’s some overlap with Pattern notation and Symbols and alphabets but lets see…

I’m really enjoying this so far! It looks like the author used to have it for free download online, but the website expired. It’s still available here though: George Stiny - Shape —

There are also materials from a course on shape grammars from George Stiny here:

Including chapters from a forthcoming book: Primary Course Texts | Introduction to Shape Grammars I | Architecture | MIT OpenCourseWare